A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Your friend invites you over and tells you to make yourself at home.

But not like this.

Make Yourself At Home is a silly, wacky physics game about rearranging your friend's living room so it looks as much as possible like yours. It's about taking friendly instructions way too gosh-danged literally, the power of friendship, and also... something about "home being the place where you take off your pants after a long day"?? Something like that. Whatever, it has heaps strong themes anyway.

This game was originally made for GGJ 2019 under the 'Home' theme by Adam Carr (programmer / @2HitAdam), Danny Lawrie (programmer / behance), Benjamin Retter (3d artist / artstation), and Edward Fokkema (sound & music / website).

The game comes with a how to play and also works with controllers, but if it's unclear let me know and I'll try to make it better!

Install instructions

I have no clue if I did the linux or mac osx uploads right, if someone wants to weigh in there I'd super appreciate it!


MYAH_win.zip 22 MB
MYAH_osx.app.zip 22 MB
MYAH_linux.zip 23 MB


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